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Dr. Nina did some work on Dr. Larry's smile! We take Rakowsky "FAMILY" dentistry very seriously ;) 



      Dr. Larry's grandchildren / Dr. Nina's niece and nephew were visiting from Boston and came in for their first dental appointments! Dr. Nina counted Clara's teeth and then she showed off her amazing brushing skills. It seems that a love for dentistry runs in the family!  



       The Pennsylvania Donated Dental Service (D.D.S.) is a program of the Dental Lifeline Network, a national humanitarian organization and an affiliate of the American Dental Association. The program provides access to comprehensive dental care for society’s most vulnerable groups - such as those with disabilities, the elderly or medically fragile, or those without other avenues to access dental care. Nationally, D.D.S. has more than 1,500 volunteer dentists and 3,700 volunteer dental laboratories. Since 1996 the program has donated more than $300 million in treatment. Of this total there are about 600 Pennsylvania dentists that have served more than 4,600 patients, and given approximately $14.2 million of dental care.       

      Rakowsky Family Dentistry is a proud partner to this life changing organization, with both Dr. Larry and Dr. Nina currently assisting patients in achieving dental health. Dr. Larry's patient travels from Orwigsville, Schuylkill County and Dr. Nina's from Reading, Berks County. 



  Can you imagine what it’s like to know you can’t afford to get the dental or medical help you need? What it’s like to be in pain or to watch your family members suffer? Thanks to the Ann Silverman Clinic at Doylestown Hospital the low income and un- or under-insured community members living in central and upper Bucks County can get the medical and dental care they need. Patients who qualify have a household income of less than 200% above the poverty level. Rakowsky Family Dentistry is proud to donate their time and skills to such a worthy organization




              Rakowsky Family Dentistry is now offering a new minimally invasive procedure to correct white spots on your teeth! These white spot lesions can happen for many reasons such as fluorosis, demineralization, discoloration after orthodontic treatment and more. Icon treatment works by infiltrating the enamel and filling in these areas with a tooth colored resin. Unlike traditional fillings or other cosmetic options like veneers, there is no drilling or anesthesia needed! Our office is so excited about introducing this conservative, "no prep" procedure!

Call today for more information or to schedule a consult.



Say hello to our new x-ray units! These new digital Nomads used at RFD have lessened the radiation that was previously needed to take dental x-rays. Our practice is comfortable not being on the "cutting edge" of technology, but we will invest in new technologies that make sense. This mobile, handheld, digital x-ray units not only decreases radiation, but it is more comfortable for our staff and patients, so it just made sense. Here is a comparison of some normal radiation levels for your reference!  

      Sources of Radiation in microsieverts: (1 microsievert = 100 REMS)

  • 50.00 = maximum allowed annual dose permitted for US radiation workers
  • 0.005 = 1 digital Nomad dental x-ray
  • 0.01 = 1 day of natural environmental radiation
  • 4.00= 1 average mammagram
  • 10.00 = 1 average CT scan
  • 36.00 = smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes per day for 1 year   




        Signs of stress and anxiety can often be seen in one's dental condition. We at RFD are seeing a significant increase in the number of patients who are reporting problems associated with clenching or grinding their teeth. These habits can be very destructive and lead to permanent tooth loss. Even in simple clenching and grinding cases that may not have pain, there is still often the permanent side effect of loss of permanent tooth structure. Most of these simple cases can be readily managed by the simple regular use of a day or night guard.

        However, many of those who have more serious cases awake with daily pain and can experience stress / tension headaches, pain chewing, and the inability to open completely without discomfort. In the most severe cases these habits not only cause damage to the teeth, but to the jaw as well. These patients require more advanced treatment and at RFD Dr. Nina is accredited by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics to administer such treatments. Along with the use of day or night guards, Dr. Nina often uses a combination of a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy along with Botulinumtoxin A injections (Botox or Xeomin) into targeted muscle trigger points to break the cycle of destructive clenching and grinding.

         While many of you are familiar with the esthetic benefits of Botox, fewer are aware of the proven therapeutic benefits of Botulinum toxin A for TMJ pain. Botulinum toxin A works by inhibiting the nerves of the overactive muscles from firing, which can relieve many of the symptoms associated with TMJ disorders.  With Dr. Nina's AAFE certification she is able to asses and treat patients with both Botulinum toxin and fillers to improve not only their facial esthetics, but provide pain relief for patient's suffering from TMJ pain / its associated symptoms. Call the office today to schedule a consult and see how these new treatments can benefit you. 




Since 72% of our patients do not or never had dental insurance, we have always been sensitive to the strain dental costs can put on our patients. For those patients specifically, we provide a 18 month plan through a lending company named Care Credit. We are proud to be a participant in the Care Credit Financing Program; if the patient qualifies they can obtain a 18 month line of credit with 0% interest. 

Click Here To Apply:




Meet the two new additions to our practice: Charlie & Chloe.
Each is a tripod supported, UVC light system able to destroy all COVID, whether on contaminated surfaces, or if found in dental aerosol floating in the air. They each accomplish their goal within a 5 minute cycle. Government agencies already have established strict guidelines for all dentists. These guidelines appear to be effective, as there has not been one reported case of a dentist / patient COVID-19 transference up to this date in Pennsylvania. Lately, however, there has been a lot of press regarding dental aerosols. How far can Covid travel in aerosol form and how long can it linger, especially in enclosed rooms?
We at RFD strive to keep our working environment as safe as possible, even if it means exceeding governmental regulations.
So at your next visit, say hello to Charlie & Chloe, the RFD Covid Busters. Know their only purpose is to keep our environment germ and virus free. They will be working hand in hand with the already installed, individual room HEPA filters. Combined they will continually make sure that our air is never stagnant, but it is also virus free.



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Ninety percent of our new patients find our office through the old tried and true method of "word of mouth." However, times are definitely changing. Due to the advancement of social media, newspaper readership is dramatically down and telephone books have been antiquated. More and more patients are finding their needed services through social media. We felt now is the time to jump on that social media train.

Our Facebook page will appear a lot like the Chatter page in this website. However, our communication with you through Facebook will be more weekly than monthly. We hope you truly enjoy it. Provide us a "Like" on Facebook and enjoy our weekly updates.  We also thank you for all your great Google reviews!









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